Thursday, 22 March 2012

Squishy,squishy clay

The Potter's Yard Easter Classes for Children - Enjoy the squishy, squishy clay - Learn to form a tubby pig, a fat seal or a cool penguin -  Make a pot on one of Patricia's wheels - Have your best piece kiln fired. Use your imagination and surprise yourself, guidance from accomplished potter Patricia in her atmospheric studio - 300 metres from The Cross of Rathangan, coming from Baldwinstown turn left, from Duncormick turn right.

Cost:    E18 per class or E50 for 3.
Dates.   10th-12th April 2012 (incl)
Time.    10-11.30am  age 6-10 years
             12-1.30pm   age 11-14 years.
To Book Call Patricia on 086 1914648/051 563377/