Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Traditional Crafts with Today's Makers - A Calendar of Craft for 2011

At The Potter's Yard our track record since 1997, as a provider of children's and adult's ceramic workshops is unrivalled. This Year of Craft 2011 we are offering the skills of visiting craftspeople at The Potter's Yard in a series of monthly workshops for all ages. We are calling this   initiative: The Art of Making - Traditional Crafts With Today's Makers. A Calendar of Craft for 2011 - The Year of Craft.. One Day and Children's Workshops at The Potter's Yard.

  March     Batik and Fabric Painting                  Mairead Holohan.
  April       Wool Spinning and Natural Dyeing    Terry the Weaver 
  May        Hand Block Printing                         Orla Bates
  June        Bead Weaving                                  Deborah von Metzradt
  July         Clay Oven Building                            Paul Fallon 
  August    Ceramics and Pottery                         Patricia Howard  

As a community we seem to be turning again to the local, and to putting an emphasis on personal creativity. The crafts are an ideal and fun place to start this process. Our visiting artists are all experienced teachers with professional qualifications, who will demonstrate and encourage a very Hands On experience. Reasonably priced and a real treat to yourself our One Day Workshops could be a new beginning...............................