Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Into 2016

An Invitation

Our area here in South Wexford is now rich with talented craftspeople, musicians, makers and foragers - also growers and farmers. Since the addition of a residential space to our Potter's Yard, we have been thinking of ways to offer a taste of the area and its talents to our visitors.

At present Ultan and myself are designing exciting 'workshop bundles' which would include accomodation, craft workshops, foraging trips in season and evenings of music or just quiet relaxed dinners in our atmospheric home.

If you have a wish to immerse yourself in a 'Hands On' adventure with us do let us know your thoughts and dreams of even a small taste of  the good life. We will enjoy hearing from you and endeavour to knit together an engaging and authentic personal experience.

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The Potters Yard Muse

A conversion has happened at The Potter's Yard - studio workshop and home to Patricia and Ultan (Men Who Built Britain and McAlpine's Men) It is not exactly a road to Damascus moment, but a very physical conversion of two of our stables into a lovely spacious residential space. Currently we are advertising on airbnb and have had many visitors from all over the world this summer to stay with us.

In the autumn we are offering residential pottery courses for a weekend and for  a week. We can accomodate 4 friends, colleagues or a family group of 4. Self catering, the apartment is ideal with kitchen, double bedroom with ensuite and a main sitting room with a sofa bed which converts into a cosy double by night. We plan to run the pottery courses for beginners and for those with some working knowledge of the craft who would like to improvetheir skills. Working in a concentrated way for a sustained period is the best approach to improving technique and working out ideas for ceramic pieces. We have a huge wood fired kiln at the Yard and firing this would make an unforgettable finale to an ideal week's work. Enquiries for cost and more details of the courses please give Patricia a call on m. 086 1914648

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Universal Craft of Pottery at The Potter's Yard, Rathangan, Duncormick, Co. Wexford

An intensive 12 week course aimed at those who love pottery, know a little and wish to develop their ability, also for the beginner who has always wanted to 'make a pot' We will start the course on Tuesday 26th September. 7.30-9.30pm The first 4 weeks will concentrate on hand-building, impressed and slip decoration. We will look at the range of tools used by the potter, with information on sourcing clay, its nature and decoration. You will design and make a mug, tile and dish. 2nd 4 weeks will look at and work on the potter's wheel. Learning to 'throw' 'turn' make lids and handles. Final 4 weeks Glaze theory, recipes, decoration and Kilns. (see wood firing kiln on web site) The cost is 360.00 All Materials are supplied. The pieces you make will be glazed and fired in the studio kiln and are yours to take home at the end of the course. The course fee is payable on the first evening. An instalment plan is on offer. Bring a friend and earn a discount! Booking is open now and is essential as space in the studio is limited to 6 persons. Phone Patricia on 086 1914648/051 563377

Friday, 1 February 2013

Jumbo Range

The Jumbo range has emerged organically. I began playing around with the idea of printing on clay near to the beginning of 2012, working with a small group of pottery students we began cutting sponge, thick slabs of upholstery sponge proved to be very useful. I bought finely pointed sharp little craft knives, and had fun cutting into the sponge. At first I cut naturalistic shapes, leaves, butterflies, and flower petals. Using coloured slips I dipped my sponges and pressed the shapes against the clay, squishing, and blotching were my first problems. I learnt how much slip to leave on  the sponge before pressing it to the surface of the clay and began to become adept at the technique.

 Cut to the ellies. I threw about 2 dozen tall mugs, an elegant shape and needed a really lovely motif for the mug. I planned to use a sponge print, and became inspired by the image of an elephant from a collage which I had made yonks ago. So I cut the sponge into the ellie form, pressed it into some black slip and printed it out on a large sheet of paper, my first trial. The shape of the ellie was just right, so the next step was a print onto one of the mugs. I was able to fit two eles, one holding the others tail, as they perambulated around the mug. The ellies looked so cheerful, so I threw plates and bowls in quick succession all to be decorated by these amazing creatures. I hope you share my enthusiasm for this new ware from The Potter's Yard, we have already added a biscuit jar with an elephant modelled on top of the lid and a tea pot. The response at Showcase was very encouraging with some orders being placed, you can order online!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Showcase success!

We had a great time at Showcase Craft Expo last week! So many amazing craft workers to be seen, and it's a credit to the organisers who put in such hard work to make it happen. It was the first outing for our new Jumbo Range as well - doesn't it look great?!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Temples of Light

Top Picture: Temple of Light - made by Kim and Poppy. Night Courses at The Potter's Yard.

Lower Picture : Pit Firing at The Potter's Yard.  Spring 2010

The Potter's Yard - Summer Programme 2012

  •  2 hours of fun filled clay work - creating fantastic creatures from the iimagination - have a 'go' on the potter's wheel.

  • DRAGONOLOGY - make models of these fabulous beasts step by step with Patricia 
  • PIT  FIRING - experience the excitement of firing your own work weather permitting.
  • FUN ON THE POTTER'S WHEEL - learn to make a bowl & a mug    
       PARENTS: for details of dates, cost, time for either POP UP or CREATIVE GROUPS
       CONTACT PATRICIA 086 1914648 or 051 563377
       DIRECTIONS to THE  POTTER'S  YARD found on the CONTACTS page.